One product stores

Since ever I love to spread my creativity and develop new products that will change in its little the world of its owner, so for this reason I started building single product stores.

The goal of these new stores is to give a tool online to create a new piece in ceramic by zero and be able to fully customize it, so we can produce and ship exactly as requested!

The first website we put online is, and soon there will be online OOAK and Let it bee.

Tazze is the new way of having hot and cold drink.
It is a thumbler in ceramic with a silicone lid, that can be washed and used again maintaining always its incredible features of ceramic.
Between its “relatives” in plastic and paper, ceramic will add something special to the flavor, try it to believe!
Tazze is perfect for your workplace or to relax in your house, and in a planet that is asking everyday more, it will be a solution to finally say goodbye to plastic thumblers.