Our production always pretends to be out of the box.


We get inspiration by traditional patterns, and using the best glazes and materials we transform a piece of clay in something new.

If the pieces has to be used to put food on them, the glazes used are all without lead to don’t be unhealthy.

We also produce in collaboration of other factories of Montelupo, to enrich the choice and find the perfect match with the tastes of all our customers.

And you? What style do you prefer more?


Every traditional designs is inherited by our history in ceramic production. All the major traditional decorations exist thank to the family Medici and all the noble Florentine families of the Renaissance, that have been transmitted generation by generation by artisans to reach our days.

Most of the traditional design are shown in books or even at Montelupo ceramic museum (if you pass from town, I suggest a visit there, it would totally worth it!).

The production doesn’t stop only at the normal reproduction of old designs: sometimes we remake them in a more contemporary key!
For this reason they have born contemporary designs, mixing the tradition with the more modern styles, to obtain a piece that will be stylish in the rooms of your house and to accord your tastes.


In time houses have evolved, and with them also the tastes of their owners has changed. Traditional design is beautiful, but sometimes it could not fit with the style adopted in the house.

For this reason we collaborate with companies in Montelupo that produce ceramics in a completely new way, transforming the clay in something that looks more modern.

The beautiful part of modern ceramics, is that they can perfectly fit in modern houses, but thanks to their “antique” effect can be placed in shabby chic, neoclassic, baroque and minimalist spaces.