In February 2019, my brother Marco told me: “Why we don’t add an experience to make ceramic with us?”

I gave it a try… and it totally changes our lives! Experiences have been one of the new way adding something special that will always remain in the hearths of the guests.

Our new experience consist in the visit of the factory, with the possibility of design something new in the showroom, and then we go back to the shop to make a ceramic piece with my father.

The ceramic piece made during the experiences is then fired, painted, and shipped directly to the house of its maker.

This is a real way of bringing a special piece of Tuscany at home!

Do you want to discover more? Check My Tuscan ceramic experience on our Airbnb page!
We have always a lot of fun making the experience, and it is an incredible moment about sharing a family tradition in the beautiful Florentine countryside!

Check the available dates, we would love to make the experience for you!
We always put a lot of care doing this experience, and we do our best to transmit our passion. Since when we started to do experiences, people took some time to write their feedback on our Airbnb page.
It is incredible to read those beautiful words and we feel proud and lucky of meeting all of our guests! <3
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Thank you for reading, and check My Tuscan ceramic experience on our Airbnb page to discover more! 😊